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Building Communities in Partnership with Brendan Shaw Real Estate

Over the past several years, ARPA Investments (ARPA) has been involved in building high-quality residential and commercial real estate projects in Kamloops and, in the past seven years, has partnered with Brendan Shaw Real Estate, Kamloops' top boutique brokerage, as one of their go-to REALTORS®.

The Brendan Shaw Real Estate/ARPA partnership has brought to life many dynamic projects in the city, including quality, affordable and luxury residential housing. Together, the two companies have worked on Beachmount Estates, The Vistas on Battle, The Station on Tranquille and The Colours on Spirit Square, with plans to develop and sell Thompson Landing on Royal.

“I started working with ARPA in 2016 with one of their presale projects in Downtown Kamloops: The Vistas on Battle,” said Shaw. “I really enjoy working with ARPA. They are humble, hard-working individuals who aspire to continuously learn and improve their work. They truly want what is best for our community, as is evident through the various partnerships they have and from the support they have given to local non-profit associations.”

One of the most common things Shaw hears about ARPA’s builds is the value. Shaw noted that in follow up conversations with purchasers, a vast majority are happy with the quality and value of their new ARPA-built home, citing fair pricing too.

“What I like about ARPA is their team approach. They understand that their position as a builder or developer isn't to know it all but to have a great team of sub-trades and professionals to rely on and work together with. They are loyal, modest, and humble, which I think goes a long way,” said Shaw.

As a resident of the McDonald Park neighbourhood, Shaw has witnessed first-hand the benefits of the community engagement ARPA has done.

“At one of the first community engagement sessions hosted by ARPA for Thompson Landing on Royal, it felt more like a neighbourhood BBQ with the excitement and conversation taking place in an open and social setting,” he noted.

For Shaw, the core values ARPA has, are the same for his company, which makes for a great partnership. According to Shaw, community starts with a vision, and that is something that ARPA has clearly excelled at.

“They know what they would like to do but, more importantly, they understand the limits that zoning, design, and engineering have which is why their working relationships with others goes a long way in seeing their vision come to life,” said Shaw.

Shaw invites the community to connect with him to learn more about ARPA’s newest project, Thompson Landing on Royal, and for those in the market for a great builder, he cannot recommend ARPA enough.

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