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Kamloops’ First Food Hall Inks Deal with Management Company

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Kamloops, B.C.: Back in early 2020, ARPA Investments announced exciting plans for the commercial space at their development The Colours on Spirit Square. The concept was for a food hall similar to Hargrave Street Market in Winnipeg, Manitoba or Anaheim Packing District in Anaheim, California. The underlying passion was a place for local chefs to source, cook, and serve fresh, local food to locals. That passion got the attention of a well-known restaurant duo from Kamloops who are now looking to make the concept a reality in the Spring of 2021.

“When we heard of the Food Hall concept ARPA Investments was interested in developing, we wanted to be involved,” said Jeff Mitton, one of the partners of the successful team behind Mittz Kitchen and the Twisted Olive Steakhouse with partner and brother Steve. “I have had the good fortune of visiting food halls around the world and I believe we can take that successful concept from other markets and make it a success here in our community.”

The Mitton brothers will look after the management of the Food Hall as well as running the anchor restaurant and two bars in the space.

“Although right now we’re in the midst of a pandemic, we see a bright future for people to come together to eat and socialize, which is why we’re moving forward on this project,” said Steve. “Four years ago, there were approximately 140 food halls across North America, and now the number is closer to 450 so it’s a popular concept. At full capacity, our Kamloops food hall will have seating for 222 with the potential for outdoor seating. When we open, we will follow all COVID safety protocols to ensure physical distancing for the safety of patrons and staff. We are hoping that by the time we open in the Spring of 2021, we can adapt as needed, much like what we’ve done with our other restaurants.”

The food hall layout will have 10 total “stalls” with the anchor restaurant, two bars, and seven additional 80 square foot stalls for partner restaurants to serve food, each using the large commissary kitchen to prep and create. The management team is firmly focused on bringing on unique, locally owned restaurants that will add to the collection of fresh and local food.

“As the anchor restaurant, our team will also help provide on-site support and collaboration to other restaurants,” said Jeff. “It’s a great opportunity for newer restaurants to take this as a next step before they commit to running their own larger restaurant because we know how much of a risk it is. This model helps to limit some of the risks and test concepts.”

The ARPA Investments team is thrilled to have the experience and expertise of the Mittons on side.

“Steve, Jeff, and their team have decades of experience,” said Joshua Knaak, Partner of ARPA Investments. “Having been in the restaurant business for years, they understand not only the challenges of the industry, but also the ingredients for success, and we know under their stewardship, it’s going to have every chance of success.”

Local restauranteurs interested in learning more are encouraged to connect with Jeff Mitton at

Yew Street Food Hall • Kamloops, BC

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