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Building Communities: 2024 Keystone Awards

The Keystone Awards, presented by the Canadian Home Builders' Association of the Central Interior (CHBA-CI), have been established to recognize and honour excellence in the home building industry since 2005.

“As a professional Home Builders’ Association, we promote industry best practices. We want to recognize those builders who consistently focus on industry best practices,” said Rose Choy, Executive Officer.

By recognizing and honouring excellence, the Keystone Awards inspire industry professionals to aim for higher standards, continually enhancing the quality of construction and developments and ultimately benefiting industry professionals and homeowners.

Featuring over 25 categories, the awards welcome entries each year from members who have built or renovated in the Central Interior of British Columbia and Kootenay region.

For ARPA Investments (ARPA), the Keystone Awards serve as a source of inspiration, a platform to celebrate industry leaders, and an opportunity to showcase their commitment to excellence.

This year, the team at ARPA won gold in the Best Semi-Detached or Town-Home Development category for their successful collaboration with BC Housing and the Elizabeth Fry Society – ‘Safety in Colours.’ Additionally, they were named Silver Finalist in the Best Public/Private Partnership category.

'Safety in Colours' Development
“Our collaborative efforts with BC Housing and the Elizabeth Fry Society underscore our commitment to providing secure spaces for women and their children,” remarked Joshua Knaak, a partner at ARPA. “We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our community partners, team, and subtrades for their unwavering dedication and exceptional work on this collaborative endeavour. Your contributions have been instrumental in achieving this prestigious recognition.”

ARPA’s recognition at the Keystone Awards demonstrates its commitment to excellence and community building, setting them apart in the residential building industry.

Photo credit: Keystone Awards

“This award highlights ARPA’s dedication to quality homes, customer satisfaction, and adherence to industry standards. Their active involvement in industry associations like the CHBA-CI underscores their commitment to collaboration and staying current with industry developments,” expressed Choy.

By honouring excellence and fostering collaboration, the Keystone Awards pave the way for a future where quality, community, and innovation thrive.

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