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Building Communities with Brendan Shaw

ARPA Investments (ARPA) has been building high-quality residential and commercial real estate projects around Kamloops. Over the past seven years, Brendan Shaw from Brendan Shaw Real Estate, has been an integral part of ARPA’s journey. This collaboration has brought numerous projects to life, and their shared commitment to excellence and vision for creating innovative spaces that foster connection and growth has transformed physical landscapes and cultivated vibrant communities.

Brendan Shaw

“My experience in commercial real estate and project marketing began in 2010, after gaining a few years of experience as an agent with a national firm. Around that time, I met one of the partners of ARPA: Joshua Knaak,” recalled Shaw. “Given his experience in commercial and construction lending, our paths crossed often over the course of the next few years. That partnership evolved when Joshua, along with Jas Mahal and Parm Mahal became partners, and we collaborated on various projects together.”

Since 2017, this partnership has brought to life many dynamic projects in the city, including single-family homes, land assemblies, mixed-use and apartment construction projects.

According to Shaw, what makes ARPA successful is their dedication to quality and value.

“ARPA builds quality developments that provide exceptional value at affordable prices to their home buyers and tenants. Their knowledge and expertise is multi-faceted, encompassing finance, costing and construction - all of which play critical roles in making a commercial development a success,” he said.

Shaw also highlighted ARPA’s deep commitment to building communities, noting their collaboration with various community stakeholders, non-profits, homeowners, and investors to increase density and provide new affordable housing for the market.

“I believe ARPA is making a lasting impact in the areas of Kamloops that need it the most.”

Looking ahead, Shaw eagerly anticipates continued collaboration with ARPA and the upcoming projects, like Thompson Landing on Royal, set to enrich the community.


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