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Building Communities - Bright Eye Brewing

Over the years, Kamloops has become a lively beer town welcoming beer lovers throughout the Thompson Okanagan region. As a local favourite, Bright Eye Brewing offers unique craft beers blends, tasty food creations and remarkable customer service. Located in The Station on Tranquille, the brewery first opened its doors in the summer of 2019, reflecting an industrial design where guests enjoy an indoor and outdoor atmosphere. As the brewery grows in popularity, the team is expanding into the neighbouring space, doubling its ability to accommodate guests and increasing its brewing capacity.

Bright Eye Brewing as we know it today is the result of a shared passion for craft beer. Mitch Forgie and Richard Marken, as part of the Brewloops Cultural Society, met Bryan Craig and Tyler Windsor through their growing popularity as Home Brewers and at a late-night beer with friends after a Brewloops event led to the inception of Bright Eye. The name comes from Bryan and Tyler (Bry-Ty = Bright Eye), which was the name of their popular home brewing endeavour.

“Bryan and Tyler have spent the past five years designing and refining beer recipes,” said Richard Marken, Partner, Bright Eye Brewing.

"From brewing in our garages to professional brewing has been an overall fruitful journey. Bright Eye has garnered a solid following both locally and internationally,” he noted.

The team at Bright Eye believes that beer and community are found in the same place. The brewery is committed to building a stronger community on the North Shore by actively participating on the board of directors for organizations, such as North Shore Business Improvement Association, Kamloops Art Gallery and Brewloops.

Bright Eye supports the local community by collaborating with other breweries and wineries to create unique blended beers. Also seen on their menu, where food items are locally sourced.

“Not only are we a meeting place for community organizations to discuss how to improve the community and the North Shore at large; but we see these developments like The Station on Tranquille and Bright Eye as great examples of what North Shore can be. Our team has passions for certain causes, and we have been able to provide them with a vehicle to support all kinds of community efforts," said Marken.

Bright Eye Brewing has projects in store for 2022 and continues its commitment to creating unique experiences for its guests. The team prepares to double its commercial space in Kamloops and welcomes new collaborative projects with two East Vancouver breweries. The future is bright for this local brewpub!

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