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ARPA Investments and Standard Office Space Unveil Transformative Partnership at the Innova Business and Innovation Centre

Kamloops, B.C. - ARPA Investments (ARPA) and Standard Office Space (Standard) officially launched their new partnership at the Innova Business and Innovation Centre on January 29, 2024. The two will manage the coworking space at the building on 348 Tranquille Road on Kamloops’ North Shore, which will serve as a vibrant and collaborative hub where entrepreneurs can find the support they need to succeed on their business journey.

“We are very excited to be working in collaboration with the Standard team,” noted Joshua Knaak, partner with ARPA. “By freshening up the space and providing an enhanced level of service through the Standard team, we look forward to being the home base of many new and existing businesses in Kamloops.”

L to R: Sadie Hunter of Standard, Joshua Knaak of ARPA Investments, and Stacey Owen and Jonathan Bowers of Standard

The partnership was a response to the evolving landscape after Kamloops Innovation moved from the space to Thompson Rivers University’s (TRU) campus last fall. The change sparked an opportunity for an expanded role for ARPA to partner with Standard to move forward to manage the space at the Innova Business and Innovation Centre.

“As an original tenant at this location, I feel honoured to continue the space and provide the kind of support I benefited from so greatly at the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey,” said Jonathan Bowers, CEO of Two Story Robot and one of the co-founders of Standard.

Starting as a vision between three long-time Kamloops entrepreneurs – Jonathan Bowers, Sadie Hunter, and Stacey Owen – who were missing a sense of community and collaboration, Standard recognized the alignment between their mission and ARPA’s aspirations to help amplify the opportunities for businesses to thrive with flexible office space that worked for them.

“All three of us have a connection to the entrepreneurial community in Kamloops and spent time in the space when it was the Kamloops Innovation Centre,” said Sadie Hunter, co-founder of Standard. “We are really excited to work with ARPA to expand the community we started in our downtown location of Standard Office Space last summer to the North Shore as well.”

L to R: Stacey Owen, Sadie Hunter and Jonathan Bowers, founders of Standard.

This partnership aims to extend the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit that may have faded during the post-COVID era, to work in collaboration with other business-serving organizations and create a hub for business owners in Kamloops to succeed at all stages of their businesses.

“We share the same goals of building community and creating a sense of energy and excitement about the North Shore. ARPA embodies the same innovative entrepreneurial spirit we do, so it only made sense for us to partner in managing the coworking space at the Innova,” added Hunter.

As an inclusive workspace and non-profit society, Standard is actively seeking sponsorships and donations to support them in building community, with all proceeds going back into building their vision.

Occupancy is at 50 per cent at the North Shore location, and both ARPA and Standard are enthusiastic about having new businesses move into the space and giving back to the community through mentorship, workshops, and events.

Entrepreneurs and businesses interested in the space are encouraged to reach out via email to

For an interview, contact:

Sadie Hunter, Co-founder of Standard Office Space| | 250.319.7052


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