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Building Communities in Partnership with NSBIA

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

ARPA Investments Ltd. (ARPA) has fostered partnerships with remarkable community leaders committed to building stronger communities. ARPA has developed projects on the North Shore, Downtown and other areas of the city. These projects have met the needs of the public along with undeniable quality and impressive track record.

Over the last couple of years, ARPA has been able to bring to life vital projects in the city. These developments have created affordable and residential housing, helping to fill the current demand on the North Shore. ARPA projects like The Colours on Spirit Square and The Station on Tranquille have resulted in positive feedback from neighbours. Bright Eye Brewing and United Way’s Xchange share the ground-level space at The Station on Tranquille, joining residential and commercial spaces, as well as a research HUB for Kamloops. Next door to The Colours on Spirit Square condominiums, ARPA has built the Stollery Suites, managed by ASK Wellness, accommodating 43 dedicated rental suites primarily for seniors.

The North Shore Business Improvement Association (NSBIA) is one of ARPA’s partners, both devoted to revitalizing the community. Jeremy Heighton, Executive Director of the NSBIA commends ARPA's efforts in servicing the community as a whole.

“We have strong leaders such as ARPA who are helping us chart this new course; realize the potential of what we have here, and slowly transition the neighbourhood to be more pedestrian and tourist-friendly.”

The NSBIA continues its efforts in building a community that matches its vision. A neighbourhood that favours a “balance between commercial and residential needs," said Heighton. The Association understands the immediate issue of housing affordability and the current need to “not only fill the deficit in housing but almost double that into the future to maintain the pace and demand that is yet to come.”

Both ARPA and the NSBIA commit to building a more inclusive community by engaging with the community and responding to the public’s concerns. Heighton believes that the success of these developments results from critical community engagement by “understanding the need and wants of the community and then adapting to the future visions of the area, which is critical to effectively supporting the long-term goals.”

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