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Building Communities: New Yew Street Crosswalk Mural

A new mural crosswalk on Yew Street was unveiled on June 14 next to Yew Street Food Hall and The Colours on Spirit Square building. ARPA Investments (ARPA) was the proud sponsor of the new colourful crosswalk, aimed at enhancing pedestrian safety, encouraging community collaboration, and beautifying city spaces that reflect the community’s spirit.

Photo credit: Tourism Kamloops/Mary Putnam

The painted crosswalk is a unique project on Kamloops’ North Shore, encouraging community members to visit the area and support local businesses. The project is part of a new initiative by Tourism Kamloops to help revitalize community spaces. The mural was brought to life by community members’ feedback, where the selection of lively colours reflects the city’s multicultural community.

The project came to fruition through community collaboration between Tourism Kamloops, the North Shore Business Improvement Association, the City of Kamloops, sponsor ARPA Investments, Kamloops Art Party, and the incredible participation of volunteers.

“This is an exciting way to enhance pedestrian activity and add vibrancy and character to Yew Street. The new crosswalk mural project reminds us that these are spaces that connect and bring neighbourhoods together,” said Joshua Knaak, Partner at ARPA.

The colourful crosswalk will attract new visitors to community favourites on Yew Street this summer. In the last year, Yew Street has become a culinary hub after the grand opening of Yew Street Food Hall, showcasing the menus of nine local vendors under one roof.

While the new Yew Street crosswalk mural is a temporary project, Tourism Kamloops hopes to continue revitalizing city spaces that reflect a diverse and vibrant community. The team at ARPA is thrilled to be part of an exciting project that incorporates public art and encourages pedestrian activity.

“This helps brighten up the area and celebrates our city’s personality, resulting in walkable and connected neighbourhoods,” noted Knaak.

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